Bad Timing

BAD TIMING is a comedic web series that follows an adorably awkward IT guy, Andy, who finally gets a shot with Eve, the girl of his dreams – shortly after a zombie apocalypse. Though it’s the biggest disaster in the history of mankind, it’s the greatest day ever for our Hero…until her boyfriend, Kevin, shows up and proves that things can always get worse. SciFi Mafia calls it “one of the top 5 Web Series Shows of All Time!” Entertainment Weekly called it their “new obsession”, “the best zombie webseries everrr!” Tubefilter writes that “the smart script continues to take center stage.” “It’s unlike anything anyone has seen on my Goldentusk YouTube Channel. We’ve come a long way since I used my grandmother’s blanket as a makeshift green screen for my first video.” The Goldentusk channel has more than 50,000 subscribers and almost 50 million views. It is part of The Collective Digital Studio Network, which represents popular web series Video Game High School and Epic Chef. BAD TIMING started a crowd funding campaign for the series in early 2013 and raised most of the funds for the production through Indiegogo.

Our take: Super funny! It’s the Walking Dead, if the Walking Dead were funny. And had less zombies.

Love it? Cool. Find the series here: Bad Timing

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