Amy Berg (EP of shows such as “Eureka” and “Person of Interest”) and Mike Sizemore (Co-Creator of “Slingers”) teamed up with Felicia Day and the Geek & Sundry crew to create an original web series that could be professional while being done on a shoestring budget. “Caper” stars Abby Miller as Penny Blue, Beth Riesgraf as Alexia, Harry Shum Jr. as Luke Washington, and Hartley Sawyer as Dagr. Guest stars include Ricco Ross, Scott Bakula, James Callis, Colin Ferguson, Helen Slater, Joel Gretsch, Len Wein, and more!

Our take: Talent and budget come together to deliver a pretty cool superhero series that’s just cheeky enough and just fun enough to be on the ongoing watch list. Among the faces you’ll recognize is Beth Riesgraf who, in the opening scene, seems to be reprising her role as Parker from “Leverage”. Later in that same episode you’ll see her “Leverage” partner and love interest Aldis Hodge in fact. They use animation to great effect to create flight and battle scenes. It’s very well done.

Love it? Cool. Find the series here: Caper

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