Kepler X-47

Nominee for Best Short Film at The Geekie Awards 2014!

*** To see the rest of this short film, please email [email protected] with “Watch Kepler X-47” in the subject line. We’ll get in touch and let you know how you can watch it. ***

Synopsis: Kepler X-47 is a science fiction dystopian short film about a woman who unknowingly volunteers to live in a human zoo exhibit on an alien planet. She soon realizes that life is not what she expected and attempts to rebel against the status quo. Produced as part of AFI Directing Workshop for Women 2013.

Directed by Erin Li
Written by Allison Lee and Erin Li
Produced by Kaz Kipp, Gregory Chou and Erin Li; Co-Producer Stephen Paratore
Director of Photography Kristin Fieldhouse
Editor / Post Production Supervisor Susumu Kimura
Production Designer Niko Vilaivongs
Costume Designer Elena Flores
VFX Supervisor Eric McAvoy
Original Music by Robert Allaire
Sound Design by Nathan Ruyle / This is Sound Design
Colorist Chris Hall / Prehistoric Digital

Bella Dayne as KRYSTAL
Leith Burke as MARCUS
Eva La Dare as DAWN
Ricardo Mamood-Vega as RAY
Elisa Gabrielli as THE INTERCOM
Katherine Pawlak as LUCY
Tyler Parks as BILLY
Unati Mangaliso as the ALIEN TOUR GUIDE
Folake Olowofoyeku as an ALIEN SENTINEL
Henning Fischer as an ALIEN SENTINEL
Jemal Draco as an ALIEN TOURIST
Elaine Mani Lee as an ALIEN TOURIST
Elena-Cristina Marchisano as an ALIEN TOURIST

* Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA) Muse Young Directors Night, April 2014
* Golden Reel Nominee – Excellence in Short Film, Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival, May 2014
* Best Short Film Nominee – The Geekie Awards, August 2014
* Dragon Con Independent Film Festival, August 2014
* AFI Directing Workshop for Women Showcase, April 2014
* New Filmmakers Los Angeles, August 2014
* ARC Center for Cultural Innovation Grant Recipient 2014
* The Caucus for Producers, Writers & Directors Foundation Grant Recipient 2014
* Panavision New Filmmakers Grant 2013
Twitter @KeplerX47

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