Nightwing: Prodigal the Series

Nightwing: Prodigal The Series is a 4 episode fan film, shot in Vancouver, British Columbia. Prodigal follows Nightwing as he returns to Gotham City to solve the mystery of Batman’s disappearance. Along the way he encounters some of Gotham’s greatest rogues, before finally meeting the Court of Owls. Prodigal stars Brady Roberts as Dick Grayson. The world premiere was held at Vancouver Fan Expo to a huge, turn away crowd, and holds extremely positive reviews online.

Our take: Great looking series with a lot of potential. The firstt episode was still finding its soul, but with such an interesting premise (what does Robin, er… Nightwing… do when Batman’s not around anyore), my guess is it’ll grow as the series progresses.

Love it? Cool. Find the series here: Nightwing: Prodigal the Series

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