The Record Keeper

“The Record Keeper” is a sci-fi drama about angels and the war in Heaven and on Earth. The show centers around Raina and her life as a record keeper in Heaven’s administrative offices, where she interviews soldiers from both sides of the conflict in order to keep an accurate account of human history as it unfolds. The series explores Raina’s relationships with two of her interviewees, Larus, a fighter for the rebellious General, and Cadan, a soldier loyal to the Prince. In addition, it also examines her relationships with her assistant, Atlan, the General’s second-in-command, Titan, and a Heavenly adviser known as the Counselor. Each episode dives into different spiritual and moral issues, and explores how the characters react to these dilemmas. The over-arcing stories of Season 1 are about how these experiences shape Larus’ final decision about which side of the conflict to support, and about how Raina stresses over keeping her emotions in check at work.

Our take: Wow. Looks really excellent. Very nice looking series, complicated story line, and interesting themes.

Love it? Cool. Find the series here: The Record Keeper

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