The world of Unlocked is a hybrid of our own boring, mundane universe and the expansive, endless world of potential within video games. The inhabitants of this world experience the same dramas we do, forge the same friendships and face the same menial tasks like paying bills and working tedious day jobs. The big difference? Things like loading bars, save points and power-ups are the norm. To us, this sounds like an exciting place of wondrous potential, to those that live there, a boss battle is like waiting in line at a toll booth. And it’s in this world that our heroes reside. Alex, Pip, Zoey, John, Anton and BB go about their business, running a comic book shop and trying to get through the day intact. A task which is beset on all sides by peril, mischief, mayhem and drama. The jokes are many, the action hilarious and the stories undeniably fun. Unlocked was created as a show about geeks, for geeks. It’s full of video game, comic, film and pop culture references. For anyone who watched The Big Bang Theory and thought Spaced did it better, for anyone who saw the Scott Pilgrim film (or read the comics) and wanted to live in that world, this series is essentially for you. So take a seat, charge your controller and enjoy Unlocked.

Our take: Cool trailer for a funny, weird show about gamers… I think… whatever they’re up to, I want to join in.

Love it? Cool. Find the series here: Unlocked

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