Your Weekly Shout Out

Sure, you can tune into those other web shows about new DVD and Blu-ray releases. But Your Weekly Shout Out! is produced by the folks that make those new DVD and Blu-ray releases! That’s right! For 11 years, Shout! Factory has been providing you with the DVD and Blu-ray collections for all the stuff you grew up on, but never quite outgrew. And Your Weekly Shout Out! presents those new releases in a unique way: by throwing its host and crew into the very movies and TV series they’re pitching! Not to mention the exclusive sneak peeks behind-the-scenes of upcoming bonus features and brand-new interviews with the folks responsible for creating your favorite geeky stuff!

Our take: Excellent, very professional, and creative magazine show for all things geekie. Good interviews with the creators of the works showcased.

Love it? Cool. Find the series here: Your Weekly Shout Out

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